How To Make The Most Of Your Day At The Zoo In Miami

There are a ton of things to do while you’re visiting Miami. It can be hard to decide what is worth experiencing. If you have the chance though, the Miami zoo is something that you don’t want to miss. If you’d like to see some really cool exhibits, then use the following information to prepare for your outing:

Be Prepared For The Weather

Florida weather is fickle at best, and this holds true in Miami more than many other cities. Being close to the water, the city is at the whims of sudden storms and shifts in temperature. Before going to the zoo, make sure you have a good idea of what the weather will be like.

Have rain gear that will allow you to wait out the short storms. If you do, you’ll likely have the zoo to yourself as most tourists leave at the first sign of rain. If it’s going to be hot, then you want to pack plenty of sunscreen, water, and protective clothing.

Go In With A Plan

There’s a lot to see at the Miami zoo, so make sure you go into the day with a solid plan. If you just meander around without a good idea of what you want to see, then it’s very easy to miss out on some really cool exhibits.
Fortunately, there is enough information online that will allow you to outline your day pretty thoroughly. Just make sure to budget in time for breaks, lunch, and possibly dinner. A lot of vacationers don’t plan for this and mess their entire schedules up.

Look Into Extra Experiences

Experiencing the zoo as a regular guest can be a lot of fun, but with a little bit of digging you can find more experiences that’ll make your day at the zoo a lot more fun. You can find tours of specific animal enclosures, and even a trip to the veterinarian area! You’ll want to check the zoo’s website if you’re planning ahead of time, or find a staff member near the front gate if you’re making extra plans the day of.

The zoo at Miami is a lot of fun, and you’re certain to have a day worth remembering. It takes a bit of planning to pull the day off without a hitch though, so make sure you use the above advice. By keeping track of weather, having a plan, and being open to new experiences, you’re bound to have a great time.